Microvi, Aquatech Install California Demonstration System

The demonstration system was installed in April 2013

Microvi Biotechnologies, partnering with Aquatech Intl., has been awarded a contract for a demonstration system for degradation of perchlorate at Aerojet General Corp.'s site near Rancho Cordova, Calif.

The demonstration system, which was installed in April 2013, is designed to treat 175,000 gal of groundwater per day containing perchlorate, a component of solid rocket fuel, using Microvi's MB-P technology. Aerojet is currently using a biological Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) to degrade perchlorate and monitors the site to ensure compliance with discharge standards. Microvi's MB-P technology, based on the company's MicroNiche Engineering Technology Platform, is a solution that can naturally degrade perchlorate more effectively and efficiently compared to any available technology while also significantly reducing waste and energy costs.

"As part of Aerojet's ongoing efforts to identify more efficient processes to reduce cleanup times and create a more sustainable operation, Aerojet is excited for the opportunity to test Microvi's MB-P technology. If the demonstration proves successful, we believe that the technology has the potential to reduce energy consumption and waste disposal, and could ease operation of our treatment facility," said Peter Kvam at Aerojet.

The technology consists of a single pass, single step process that minimizes the production of a secondary waste stream, as is common with ion exchange resin or other biological processes. The technology degrades perchlorate in the feed water into harmless oxygen and chloride ions with no buildup of intermediates.

"The potential value of the MB-P technology for the perchlorate market is unmatched in the industry today," said Dr. Fatemeh Shirazi, Microvi's CEO. "We are looking forward to this demonstration as yet another confirmation of Microvi's paradigm-shifting approach."

The contract for the demonstration system was awarded to Microvi by Aerojet after the successful completion of a pilot conducted by Microvi and Aerojet at the site in 2012. That pilot proved that dissolved perchlorate could be degraded using Microvi's MB-P technology and that it has the potential to significantly reduce operating costs by retrofitting Aerojet's existing FBR system.

To build this demonstration system, Microvi has partnered with Aquatech Intl. Corp. Aquatech will be responsible for design, fabrication, construction and assisting in the installation of the demonstration unit.

"The MB-P technology is ideal for new installations as well as the retrofit of existing treatment systems such as ion exchange or any biological processes. We are excited to partner with Microvi on this pioneering technology," said Nitin Shinde, director of integrated water services of Aquatech.


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