Aug 01, 2010

Mexico Plant Doubles Capacity with Reduction in Energy Consumption

System generates savings of up to $40,000 per month

Parkson installed 304 HiOx UltraFlex aeration panels at a wastewater treatment facility located in Hidalgo, Mexico, 40 miles northwest of Mexico City.

The cleaned wastewater is subsequently used by a regional power generation station as well as a local oil refinery. The existing wastewater plant was no longer able to produce the required quantity of water needed for these industrial applications.

The activated sludge treatment plant was originally designed to deliver 16 million gal per day (mgd) of treated water. However, water production had been limited to 5.7 mgd and it was unable to produce the volume needed to cool the thermo-electrical towers.

The HiOx installation has more than doubled the plant's consistent delivery to 11.4 mgd and peak flows of 13.7 mgd, a 140% increase. The increased water production will allow the power generation end users to rely significantly more on recycled wastewater versus the scarce freshwater.

"The Hidalgo installation has far exceeded the customer's expectations,” said Vipin Lillaney, Parkson's HiOx product manager. “They have reduced the horsepower [hp] requirement from 900 hp to 700 hp and often run the plant with only a single 350-hp centrifugal blower while still meeting the required oxygen requirements. In addition to more than doubling the plant's capacity, the HiOx UltraFlex system has resulted in monthly savings between $15,000 and $40,000.”

In addition to the 46% reduction in energy use, via reduced power consumption coupled with greater throughput, the plant has also experienced greater treatment efficacy with a 96% reduction in BOD.

Besides the HiOx aeration panels, Parkson provided two Aqua Guard screens with 6-mm openings to help protect the plant's operations and improve the panels' lifespan.