Jun 05, 2014

Toho Water Authority Finalizing Deployment of Aclara System

Utility will install an additional 45,000 MTUs across Osceola County

Toho Water Authority Aclara STAR network

Aclara Technologies LLC has finalized an agreement with Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee, Fla., to deploy 45,000 additional meter transmission units (MTUs) over the next 24 months.

This brings the total number of AMI-enabled meters managed by Toho to 115,000. Toho is the largest provider of water, wastewater and reclaimed water services in Osceola County, with 125,000 total water meters.

Toho has used Aclara’s AMI system to enhance customer service and conserve resources by reducing water losses from leaks, inoperable meters and theft. The STAR network employs low-frequency radio signals on licensed channels within the 450 to 470 MHz frequency range and is configurable to meet the requirements of any size city.

“Total engagement in the project by vendors, contractors and Toho Water Authority has been a critical factor in the success of Aclara’s AMI Implementation,” said Bill Brouillard Jr., AMI program manager at Toho Water Authority.

Meters in Toho’s water system are located above- and below-ground. The STAR network MTU’s are manufactured to an International Protection Rating of 68, and therefore less likely to malfunction due to high humidity or flooding.

In addition, the system’s 142 data collector units, mounted throughout the city, are designed to sustain hurricane-force winds of 150 miles per hour.