Dec 09, 2003

Technology Springs Water Plant Evolution

Bonita Springs Water Reclamation Plant holds down operational costs

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The demands being made on municipal utilities are not
appreciably different from those demands in other service and production
industries--keep down costs, improve functions, and do it with fewer

 A tough
assignment under any conditions, but the Bonita Springs (Fla.) Water
Reclamation Plant accomplished this by utilizing a new technology.

Joseph Stabile, Bonita Springs facility manager, keeps his
operation on the cutting edge of wastewater monitoring and process technology
accomplishing outstanding results by way of modern, online wastewater
reclamation technology.

While some parameters are still monitored with dedicated
probe and meter technology, this technology has given way to control and
analysis systems that can measure up to three different parameters.

These units and their accompanying filtration systems,
provide continuous online analysis sampling preparation systems, as well as
system information such as preventative maintenance messages in easy-to-read
graphic displays. Being able to reconfigure a system to read other parameters
without having to purchase matched and dedicated meters offered significant
cost savings and an improvement in sampling, control, and analysis, according
to Stabile.

More recently, Stabile and his staff have been replacing
older meter and probe stations with a new modular network system called IQ
Sensor Net made by Nova Analytics Corp.

This multi-parameter system is completely modular and can be
adapted to virtually any online monitoring, measuring, or analytical task, and
its installation has resulted in better, more reliable monitoring.

The system can accommodate up to 20 sensors regardless of
location, which can be read in real-time without ever leaving the control

Ease of expansion

The system is expandable and the power supply module avoids
high voltage contact problems through the use of a patented EMC system.

According to Stabile, the new system’s digital
communication system is immune to external EMC interference and ensures high measurement
accuracy. The system also permits new sensors to be put into service during
operation without the system being shut down. The new components are
automatically recognized and integrated immediately.

Another feature that has found favor with the Bonita Springs
facility’s operating personnel is the ease of expansion by simply
stacking additional modules. Individual modules can be accessed at any time
without dismantling the stack by simply undoing two lateral screws.

Commenting on the IQ Sensor Net system Stabile said,
“This is very good, reliable equipment and its modularity allows many
areas to be covered simultaneously with complete reporting in real-time so I
know what is coming into the plant and can respond to the demand. We also appreciate
the cutting edge technology it gives us without the usual high prices of new
technology. People are surprised when I tell them the cost of the system and
the savings realized and that doesn’t hurt either.”

With a new and much larger processing plant in the planning
stage, the Bonita Springs Water Reclamation Plant should continue to assess and
adapt new technology to improve their processing control and lower operational

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