Tantalus, SmartWorks Bring Smart Infrastructure Solutions to Utilities

Harris Utilities SmartWorks and Tantalus partner to better serve public power and mid-market utilities.

Harris Utilities SmartWorks and Tantalus have partnered to better serve public power and mid-market utilities. Tantalus provides smart grid communications technology that enables electric, water and gas utilities to optimize the use of resources. Through its new partnership with SmartWorks, Tantalus will supplement its communications technology offering with innovative smart application solutions including utility decision management (UDM), customer engagement (CES) and meter data management (MDM) solutions. These solutions include:

  • • SmartWorks Compass, a utility decision management (UDM) solution comprised of robust analytics, metrics, visualization and automation tools. Launched in October 2013, it enables utilities to maximize return on investments in their smart infrastructure by seamlessly converting massive volumes of data into powerful insights and automated actions. As an agnostic product, SmartWorks Compass will interoperate with utilities’ existing MDM and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) platforms.
  • • MeterSense, an advanced MDM solution, enables utilities to improve business processes and enhance customer service. MeterSense is invaluable to the smallest of utilities yet can be scaled to as many as one million meters.
  • • CustomerConnect, a CES and web-based data presentment tool that enables consumers to access and interpret their consumption patterns. This helps them to make smarter choices about resource use, reduce their bills and support utility conservation goals.

SmartWorks’ solutions integrate seamlessly with Tantalus’ AMI network. The two organizations have successfully deployed and integrated the SmartWorks framework—the platform on which both MeterSense and SmartWorks Compass are built—in the past, which will help streamline deployment for future customers.

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