Sep 04, 2015

Sensus Continues Technology Trial in Japan

Phase two of long-range radio trial with Kobe City Waterworks Bureau begins

Sensus Kobe Japan technology trial metering network

Kobe City Waterworks Bureau in Japan expects to achieve greater conservation and operational efficiency as it develops a new smart water network. Sensus and technology partners are working with the bureau to achieve those goals by conducting a joint field trial at nine locations, which include schools and an airport. Partners in the trial include Nippon Telegraph andTelephone West Corp. (NTT West), Kobe City Waterworks Bureau and MIRAIT Technologies Corp.

The heart of the technology is the Sensus FlexNet long-range radio network. Data collected from meters on the network will ensure reliable, safe and cost-effective delivery of water.

“Utilities in Japan are looking for sustainable solutions,” said Toshiyuki Naka, Sensus’ country manager for Japan. “FlexNet, the Sensus long-range radio network, provides a resilient and secure network infrastructure. Using dedicated, licensed spectrum, the network has a reach, coverage and stable connectivity that cannot be achieved by 920 MHz mesh or cellular networks.”

In addition to the Kobe City trial Sensus is deploying phase one which demonstrates the connectivity and performance of long-range radio working at 280MHz in the dense urban environment of Tokyo.

Sensus has a long history of strong partnerships that benefit global utilities. Sensus and technology partner BAI recently announced their intent to bring a digital infrastructure to Australian utilities. In 2013, Sensus, with its British partner Arqiva, was awarded a 15-year contract by the British government to provide automated meter communications services based on Sensus technology to more than 10 million homes in the North of England and Scotland.  

Successful trials in Japan, along with partnerships and implementation in Australia and Great Britain, will give global utilities access to technologies that provide operational efficiency and save water and energy.