Jul 26, 2016

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installs Without Shutting Down Line

Product delivers high accuracy at an affordable price

The FPI Mag flowmeter is a multi-electrode hot-tap, full-profile insertion flowmeter. A cost-saving choice for both municipal water and industrial applications, it installs without the need for shutting down lines, cutting pipe or welding flanges, which reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for heavy equipment or extensive manpower.

Given the current economic environment, the FPI Mag has proven to be a sensible option for both municipal and industrial applications. As customers are forced to manage with tighter budgets, it offers a solution that both fits into the budget and delivers a high level of accuracy.

The FPI Mag flowmeter is an economical flow metering solution for medium and large line sizes, reducing installed costs by up to 45%. The compact insertion is available for forward-flow-only or bi-directional in line sizes from 4 in. to 138 in. The flowmeter can be removed in pipes under pressure for easy inspection, cleaning, calibration or verification with McCrometer’s own NIST traceable calibration lab. The FPI Mag is particularly cost-effective for retrofit applications replacing flowmeters or in sites never metered before. Click here to learn more.

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