Apr 10, 2012

MeterSense First Meter Data Management Solution to Achieve MultiSpeak Compliance

Now meets utility industry's interoperability standard

MeterSense has become the world’s first meter data management (MDM) application to be successfully tested for compliance with the latest MultiSpeak 4.1 specification. Together with Sensus’ advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), FlexNet, MeterSense now officially meets the utility industry’s de facto interoperability standard to perform seamlessly and optimally alongside other certified vendors’ hardware and software solutions with almost no end-user modifications.

When paired with Sensus FlexNet advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology, MeterSense meets MultiSpeak interoperability standards for core functions such as:

  • -      requesting on-demand reads for use by utility personnel in the customer-service process;
  • -      initiating remote service disconnects and re-connections; and
  • -      gathering real-time outage notifications, delivering such event notices to utility personnel and initiating outage-response activities.

“The MultiSpeak Specification is the most widely applied interoperability software standard in North America for electric distribution functions of both distribution-only utilities and vertically-integrated utilities,” said Bob Saint, Multispeak program manager. “By choosing MultiSpeak compliant solutions, utilities will be able to integrate applications, such as MeterSense, quickly, reliably and with a minimal amount of customization.”

MultiSpeak helps utilities introduce smart grid technology by ensuring that solutions:

  • -      are ready to implement;
  • -      have been proof-tested in existing installations;
  • -      offer true interoperability with off-the-shelf products; and
  • -      allow product development that does not require extensive customization.

“MultiSpeak compliance confirms the exceptional interoperability and functionality of our MeterSense smart grid solution,” says Rob DiMurro, president of Harris Utilities. “Although MeterSense has been performing at a high standard for years, formal compliance with the latest MultiSpeak version further validates MeterSense as the most flexible, scalable and reliable solution.”

Created in 2000, the MultiSpeak specification helps vendors and utilities develop relatively simple interfaces that enable the interoperability of software products from different suppliers. MultiSpeak is integral to the daily operations of more than 600 electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipals and public-power districts in more than 15 countries.