Mar 02, 2015

United Water Selects Smart Water Network Technology

The technology will help the utility provide sustainable water solutions for its New York & New Jersey customers

Sensus FlexNet United Water New York New Jersey Suez Environment

Sensus is deploying and managing a smart communication network for United Water (UW), one of the nation’s largest utilities and wastewater providers. UW is a subsidiary of Suez Environment.

The technology, which includes the Sensus FlexNet system, 325,000 smart endpoints and Software as a Service (SaaS), will help the utility provide sustainable water solutions for its New York and New Jersey customers.

UW selected the Sensus FlexNet system to more effectively track water use through on-demand meter reads, leak identification and water theft detection, three common causes of non-revenue water.

“We value our partnership with United Water and support its dedication to customer satisfaction and the superior performance of its network,” said Dan Pinney, director, Global Water Marketing at Sensus. “The FlexNet communication system easily integrates with existing systems. That means lower network maintenance and operating costs associated with deploying an extensive network infrastructure.”

The Sensus FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that serves as a dedicated and secure two-way communications highway and requires less infrastructure than competing solutions. The network is a primary reason for United Water’s selection, as is Sensus’ managed service offerings.

“This project is a win-win for the environment and customers,” said David Stanton, president of United Water’s Regulated Business. “It will help to secure increasingly scarce resources for the region, accelerate our trend of reducing water lost from our distribution systems and improve the experience of our customers by providing greater billing accuracy.”