Sensus Reaches 16 Million Endpoints

More than 475 utilities have employed the company's technology

Sixteen million is a big number. If you laid that many dollar bills in a row, it would stretch 1,515 miles—or the driving distance between Bangor and Tampa.

For Sensus, 16 million is the number of electric, water and gas smart endpoints that deliver benefits to utilities and their customers every day.

Generally speaking, endpoints can be smart phones, computers or special devices including meters, reclosers and even streetlights. Utilities can get data on a fixed schedule, on demand, or in response to a pre-set alarm. They can also control some endpoints by turning them on or off.

“Our customers think of the Sensus FlexNet communication network as their operations backbone,” said Greg Myers, vice president of marketing at Sensus. “They trust it to reliably collect and transmit data that saves money and conserves energy and water.” Sensus supports electric, water and gas metering, distribution automation, load control and streetlight endpoints.

Remote meter readings mean fewer trucks on the road. For water customers, real-time reads enable rapid leak detection and can save millions of gallons of water each year. Sensus has seen a steady growth in the demand for advanced metering infrastructure technology, especially in the water market. To date, more than 475 electric, water and gas utilities have deployed Sensus technologies.


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