Met-Pro Receives Leachate Equipment Order in Excess of $1.1 M

William L. Kacin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Met-Pro Corp. announced that the company's Systems Division, in Kulpsville, Pa., received an order in excess of $1.1 million for a leachate treatment system to be installed at a major solid waste processing facility in the northeastern United States. The equipment is expected to be installed before the end of this fiscal year.

The state-of-the-art Met-Pro leachate treatment system utilizes a combination of physical/chemical and biological treatment processes to treat the leachate. Each system incorporates an advanced submerged fixed film biological process. This is the second leachate treatment system sold to the same customer and will be used to expand the landfill's leachate treatment capacity. The customer's continuing satisfaction with the previous system installed was a key factor in winning this order.

Met-Pro has been providing leachate treatment systems to municipal solid waste landfills for more than 20 years. Met-Pro custom designs their systems to accommodate each landfill's specific requirements, while maintaining operating flexibility as the leachate characteristics change over the life of the landfill. Met-Pro capabilities include in-house design, manufacturing, installation, assistance during permitting, after-the-sale service, start-up, and operator training.

Kacin noted that "this order follows another $1.1 million order announced just last week for six Duall Division degasification systems for a city in the southeastern United States." As mentioned in the Company's press release of August 1, 2002, Kacin reiterated that "Met-Pro continues to be delighted at the level of contract activity that we are experiencing on projects of this size in this difficult market. We remain optimistic about our prospects for future awards of this type at Systems and other Divisions."

Met-Pro Corp.

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