Jun 17, 2005

Manitowoc Selects USFilter for Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Plant to provide wholesale drinking water to central Brown County, Wis., communities

Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) in Manitowoc, Wis., recently selected USFilter Memcor Products to provide submerged membrane filtration system for a 20-mgd water treatment plant expansion. The membrane system will be built with an ultimate capacity of 40 mgd for retrofit into a de-commissioned conventional filtration building that once produced 10 mgd. Through an agreement with Central Brown County Water Authority (CBCWA), Manitowoc Public Utilities will sell the treated water to CBCWA for distribution to its member communities.

Currently, member communities of the CBCWA do not meet the EPA's water quality guidelines due to the high radium levels in its current water supply from the St. Peter's aquifer. Faced with a directive by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the CBCWA entered into an agreement with MPU.

"These types of arrangements, are relatively rare and have sometimes been slow to gain momentum because of the complicated nature of the arrangements," said Nilaksh Kothari, MPU, general manager. "What's unique about our arrangement with CBCWA is the straightforward and speed with which the deal was able to be accomplished and the parties willingness to develop a long-term relationship. We're very excited about this agreement and expect it will benefit both the Manitowoc and the member communities of the CBCWA."

Memcor's submerged membrane filtration technology, CMF-S, will be installed into the space once occupied by half of a 10-mgd conventional filtration building. The building, which had been vacant for 5 years after a previous plant upgrade, has room for an additional 20 mgd should the need ever arise. Not only does the membrane technology selected by MPU provide superior quality water, but it is so compact that a four-fold increase in capacity can be realized in the space once needed for 10 mgd.

Water from Lake Michigan will be lifted from lake level to pass through a pre-screen then supply the submerged membranes. A small amount of chlorine is added to the water, after it is filtered through the membranes for chemical disinfection and then is stored in a clearwell. Membrane treated water will be pumped through 65 miles of transmission network to the Central Brown County Water Authority's distribution network.

The new plant will be fully operational by December 2006.

USFilter Memcor Products supplied pressurized membrane technology, CMF, to MPU in 1999 for the initial plant upgrade. The system has been operational for 6 years with exceptional water quality.