BASF to Highlight New Water Treatment Technologies at WEFTEC.13

The company will feature its new flocculant range, membrane technology & presentations on new technology

BASF WEFTEC flocculant Zetag Ultra membrane T-Rack

BASF will be at WEFTEC 2013, Oct. 7 to 9 in Chicago to address its range of water solutions for municipal and industrial water treatment, including two new technologies.

BASF will feature its new cationic flocculant range Zetag Ultra, which will be commercially available in early 2014. BASF will also showcase its new T-Rack 3.0 based on inge ultrafiltration membrane technology for seawater desalination and wastewater reuse. In addition, BASF colleagues will deliver 15-minute presentations on these new products and other water management topics at Booth 2613. Industry expert Bob Mcilvaine, president of the Mcilvaine Co., will cover trends in municipal wastewater treatment and reuse.

“BASF is committed to providing sustainable and high-performing innovative solutions to address the world’s rising water demands,” said Linda Muroski, business director for BASF Water Solutions in North America. “Our unique product portfolio of water treatment products, investments in R&D and site infrastructure, implementation of the bio-acrylamide process and the collective expertise of our growing team is helping our customers meet their water management goals.”

The new products BASF will introduce at WEFTEC align with customer needs for improved water treatment solutions. The Zetag ULTRA cationic flocculant range offers floc integrity for high shear applications and can be used in highly variable sludge conditions. It is effective for plants that use centrifuge, flotation and gravity belt thickener processes and offers a significant dosing reduction compared to the market standard. As a result, operational cost savings and a reduction in biosolids transport and landfill disposal costs can be achieved.

The T-Rack 3.0 is a compact ultrafiltration solution to address the specific requirements of larger-scale filtration systems such as those used for the pretreatment in seawater desalination or wastewater reuse. It meets the key requirements of corrosion resistance, and high-pressure operability at high temperatures and also supports greater treatment capacity. In addition, the T-Rack’s plug and play installation can lower the amount of maintenance required and its modular design makes it is easy to add more modules to address changing capacity needs.

BASF Presentation Schedule at WEFTEC Booth 2613:

Monday, October 7

10:30 a.m. – “BASF Solutions for Global Water Challenges”, by Linda Muroski, Business Director, Water Solutions North America, BASF
11 a.m. – “Introducing Zetag® ULTRA Cationic Flocculant Range for High Shear Applications,” by Emily Lindstrom, Product and Applications Chemist, BASF
2 p.m. – “inge Ultrafiltration Membrane and Modular Technology,” by Tim Letourneau, Head of Membrane Solutions, BASF
3:30 p.m. – “Trends in Municipal Waste Water Treatment and Reuse” by Bob Mcilvaine, President, Mcilvaine Company

Tuesday, October 8

10 a.m. – “How Can Chemistry Be a Strong Enabler for the Water Industry?” by Yannick Fovet, Head of Global Development for Water Solutions and Membrane Technology, BASF
2 p.m. – “Zetag ULTRA Case Study” by Martin Riley, Technical Service Representative, BASF


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