Avista Technologies Launches New Global Brand

The company released a new brand guide, brand architecture, tagline, logo, brochures and company overview

Avista Technologies global brand membrane

Avista Technologies, a supplier of water treatment chemicals and expert process support for membrane systems, launched its new global branding platform from the company’s San Marcos, Calif., headquarters. The event unveiled the company's new brand and associated marketing architecture.

On Oct. 11, 2013. Avista President and CEO Dave Walker extended a message to all attendees including international licensees and employees, followed by brief talks from several key industry influencers, customers and elected officials. The speeches were followed by a toast in celebration of the growth of the company and the industry.

"We recognized the need to update the Avista brand to help create a broader awareness of our unique product offerings and capabilities dedicated specifically to the membrane industry," said Dave Walker, Avista president and CEO. "It is essential that we communicate our global commitment in a meaningful way in order to connect with the people who can benefit from our products and services. We summarized our brand story into a single, powerful idea to express what makes Avista special. This event will showcase some of the work we are doing as we continue to grow into a global leader in this industry."

The celebration showcased an entirely new brand guide, brand architecture, tagline, logo, brochures and company overview.


Avista Technologies

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