American Water Awarded Grant from WateReuse Research Foundation

The MBR project is valued at $365,777

American Water WateReuse Research Foundation

American Water has been awarded a research grant from the WateReuse Research Foundation to investigate the impacts of low dissolved oxygen conditions at a full-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR) water reuse plant.

The project, valued at $365,777, will focus on the operation of advanced MBRs under low dissolved oxygen (DO) conditions to maximize nitrogen removal. Researchers will monitor the process using continuous online analyzers. The study will be conducted at the Fillmore Water Recycling Facility, a zero-discharge water reuse plant that is designed, built and operated by American Water’s Contract Services Group for the city of Fillmore, Calif.

“The goal of this research is to produce high quality reclaimed water through a process that saves energy and reduces chemicals, while improving the treatment of emerging contaminants,” said Dr. Helen Littleton, Technical Manager for Commercial Wastewater Projects, American Water. “In addition, the project will examine whether these conditions will also improve the removal of pharmaceuticals and nitrosamine precursors. These are all issues faced by the reclaimed water industry.”

The American Water project team will consist of Dr. Helen Littleton as the principal investigator, and Dr. Zia Bukhari, senior environmental scientist, serving as a co-principal investigator. Dr. Mark LeChevallier will be serving as internal advisor.

American Water

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