Oct 04, 2006

Membrane Bioreactor Receives California Title 22 Approval

The California Department of Health Services has approved the use of Parkson Corporation’s DynaLift Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) as an acceptable filtration technology that complies with the state’s water recycling criteria (Title 22).

The DynaLift MBR is a flexible, out-of-basin system that uses ultrafiltration tubular membranes with a simple biological wastewater treatment plant to provide extremely high-quality effluent for beneficial reuse.

According to Douglas Wachter, VP business development at Parkson, the approval of DynaLift by California is a milestone for the company.
“This approval represents a tremendous opportunity for Parkson,” said Wachter. “California’s Title 22 certification is a benchmark for high-quality effluent throughout the country.”

The DynaLift MBR uses a simple airlift to sustain the cross-flow velocity and turbulence required to maintain membrane flux and permeability while significantly reducing the pumping energy required with traditional cross-flow systems.

Montgomery Watson Harza provided consulting engineering services in overseeing the test work required for state approval of the System. The firm is headquartered in Broomfield, Colo.