Jul 14, 2010

McElroy Releases First Pipe Fusion iTunes Application

New McCalc application quickly calculates fusion pressure

New McCalc application quickly calculates fusion pressureMcElroy Manufacturing recently introduced the first pipe-fusion-focused Apple iTunes application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator is a free application that helps a fusion machine operator find the correct fusion pressure calculations for a job.

To properly heat-fuse polyethylene pipe, fusion pressure must be calculated in accordance to the pipe manufacturer’s recommended interfacial pressure. When using the McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator application, the operator selects or keys in the pipe size, pressure requirements and the fusion machine to discover the recommended theoretical gauge pressure.

In order to use the McCalc Fusion Pressure Calculator, downloading the application through the iTunes Store, and thenopen the application and choose the machine and the machine’s total effective piston area (TEPA). Next, choose the pipe size, wall thickness, interfacial pressure and drag pressure. Once all the parameters of the fusion are set, the “calculate fusion pressure” button is selected and the calculation’s answer displayed.