Aug 01, 2006

Maryland Town Must Conserve After Water Main Break

A water main break in Anne Arundel County, Md., has forced residents to conserve water.

The break resulted in reduced pressure in the Northern part of the county. The pressure will not be back up to par until Sunday, August 5th. The hot and humid weather in the county has made conserving water more difficult, as the demand is higher.

13 of the area’s zip codes have been affected and are now under mandatory water restrictions.

Officials told WJZ Baltimore that a portion of the pipe needs replacing, though delivery of the part may take a few days. The break was most likely caused by extreme heat creating a split in the pipe. Millions of gallons of water were drained from three of the county’s tanks.

The mandatory restrictions include:

  • No watering of lawns or plants with free running hose or sprinkler
  • No washing of vehicles, boats or other equipment
  • No washing of paved or outdoor surfaces
  • No filling or topping off private swimming pools, ornamental fountains, etc.

Residents are also being urged to limit indoor water use.