May 03, 2007

Maryland Town Faces Fourth Wastewater Spill Since 2005

A spill Wednesday morning that sent over 3,000 gallons of wastewater into Fitzwater Street and the Wicomico River was contained later that afternoon.

According to The Daily Times, crews were conducting water excvation near the North Side Pumping Station when the bearing feed line was gashed. The bearing feed line also provides cooling water so the bearings on the pump shaft avoid overheating.

The wastewater pump was automatically shut down after the incident, causing 3,172 gallons of overflow from a manhole.

Both the Wicomico County Health Department and the Maryland Department of the Environment were notified of the spill.

Water contamination signs are only necessary if there is a spill of over 10,000 gallons, but signs were posted before crews determined the volume of the spill. Citizens were warned to avoid the water until May 16, until the size of the spill was determined and the signs were removed.

Though this is a smaller spill, it is the second in the area in the past ten months, and the fourth since July 2005.