Mar 26, 2002

Are You Sold Enough to Sell?

Many of us are looking for that new gadget or gimmick that
will make sales happen. Maybe it’s a laptop, maybe it’s a video notebook. The truth is that enthusiasm is what you need to sell but some of us are sorely lacking in this precious commodity ... and it’s no wonder.


The average salesperson sells one out of three families they
show equipment to. That means 66 percent of all the people we talk to reject
us, and that’s a lot of rejection. No wonder we sometimes get down on the
product. Add to that the constant stream of negativity we sometimes receive
from family, co-workers and the news, it’s no wonder a
salesperson’s enthusiasm may decrease.


Here are a few interesting questions to see if you are sold
enough to sell. (Answer yes or no to each question.)


•               In
the last three days, have you drunk nothing but beverages made with reverse
osmosis (RO)  water?

•               Do
you have an RO unit, softener and whole house carbon filter in your home?

•               Can
you list 10 reasons why your company is the best to buy from?

•               Do
you feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t own your equipment?

•               Can
you list five reasons why you are the best person to buy from?

•               Would
you go thirsty before you would drink from the tap?

•               Do
you get 30 percent or more of your business from referrals?

•               Are
you proud to tell people what you do for a living?

•               Do
you test the water at every home you visit for business or pleasure?

•               Have
you read one article this week on water and why it should be improved?


If you honestly can answer “yes” to those
questions, you are on the right track. (See “Scoring” to check
answers.) However, many of us get our enthusiasm worn down over time, and it
shows in our sales and referrals. Remember that the sale simply is a transferal
of enthusiasm. If you don’t have any, you can’t transfer any. How
can you stay up and enthusiastic enough to sell?


Feed Your Brain

Every day, read something about water and why your prospects
need your equipment, your company and you.

Each rejection from customers wears down your beliefs, so
rebuild them daily by researching the reasons why you can help your customers.
Recently, I keyed “chlorine and cancer” into my browser and I
pulled up 42,900 articles on the subject. That’s enough to read one per day for 117 years. Recharge your brain each day and watch your enthusiasm grow.


Feed Your Heart

Ask each client for reference letters telling you how much
they loved the equipment, how professional the installation was and how much
money they are saving. Read these letters each day to recharge your heart and
let yourself know you are not being a pain-in-the-neck when you offer a water
test or ask for a referral. The great closers know that believing in your
product and yourself is what allows you to hang on when the customer says,

20-Minute Work Out

One of the greatest salespeople I ever worked with showed me
the secret he used to recharge his batteries, and I earned far more when I
started using it. I call it the 20-minute work out. Each day, take 20 minutes
to sell yourself or why your company, products and yourself are the very best
and are a great benefit to your customers. Some salespeople put the points they
want to tell themselves on an audio tape and play it in the car on their way to
work each day. Others write it on the bathroom mirror to read as they shave or
put on make up each day. Others get up a few minutes early and spend a few
quiet moments just reviewing the reasons why people will be making the right
decision by purchasing with them. Investing 20 minutes in building your
enthusiasm is the best investment you can make in a successful day of selling.


Get Rid of Mavens

We are all exposed to mavens—people who are negative
by nature. It could be other salespeople, service people, your family or even
the morning newscaster. Stay away from the negative attitudes. You have one of
the toughest jobs on earth that requires all of your attention in order to be
successful. You must be able to channel a mighty beam of powerful positive
thoughts and emotions when the customer is saying, “no.” Any
negative influences reduce your ability to sell.


Make a Plan and Work It

Make a written plan each day for how many people you intend
to contact by phone, by letter and in person, and stick to it. Those of us who
drift and wait for opportunity will never be as successful as those who go out
and find opportunity where it waits for us.


Try some of these enthusiasm-building exercises and I know
you will notice the difference it makes to your sales. Remember that when you
decide not to make that prospecting call or not to ask for a referral or not to
try one more time for the close, you have allowed your customer’s or your
negativity to beat down your enthusiasm. In sales, you can’t have too
much enthusiasm and too many positive beliefs. They don’t just happen.
Great athletes pump iron each day to prepare for their performance. Great
salespeople pump gold by pumping enthusiasm for each demonstration.  

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