Major Flood Warning Projects in China to benefit from Wallingford Software

Institute of Hydropower and Water Resources of China (IWHR), a key national organization specializing in Water resources and Flood control, has purchased FloodWorks and InfoWorks RS from Wallingford Software for application in their flood warning and decision support projects.

FloodWorks and InfoWorks RS are sophisticated, real time water distribution and flood forecasting software and river modeling software packages. IWHR also will work alongside Wallingford Software, an hydraulic modeling software company, to promote the application of advanced modeling technologies in China.

The cooperation agreement is supported by the Ministry of Water Resources of China. Seeking mature advanced software for flood management and warning systems was the priority in this project. "We have carried out a thorough investigation and evaluated a number of overseas European products; FloodWorks was considered the best and most stable and robust system for use on these kind of projects," Dr. Yuan from IWHR concluded.

Flooding is a major natural disaster for many areas in China every year. Many River Basin Authorities are establishing flood warning and decision support systems for flood management and risk minimization. Flooding is understood as part of the natural resource environment and lessons from past experience are being learnt. "To import and adopt advanced modeling technologies is recognized as a cost effective critical solution in the implementation of a complicated decision support system," said Weijun Zhang of Wallingford Software China’s Shanghai office.

Wallingford Software

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