Long Beach Water Department Sends Emergency Drinking Water to Fire Victims in San Bernardino

The Long Beach Water Department and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California have partnered with the American Red Cross to deliver an emergency supply of free drinking water to fire ravaged San Bernardino.

More than 5,000 bottles of water (200 cases), produced at the Water Department's bottling plant, were delivered to the San Bernardino Red Cross Disaster Response Area 616, located at the former Norton AFB, this morning by representatives of the Conservation Corps of Long Beach.

"The Long Beach Water Bottling Facility, one of the few of its kind in America, serves a critical public health and safety function here in Long Beach," stated Kevin L. Wattier, General Manager. "Sharing this valuable resource with fellow Californians in times of disaster is the least we can do."

The Water Department is also sending emergency drinking water supplies with Long Beach fire fighting units being deployed to both San Bernardino and Simi Valley.

The Long Beach Water Department is an urban Southern California municipal water supply agency.

Long Beach Water Department

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