Jul 04, 2019

Illinois Governor Signs Infrastructure Construction Bill

Only 2% of Rebuild Illinois plan will fund water & wastewater projects

Only 2% of Rebuild Illinois plan will fund water & wastewater projects

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed a $45 billion state construction bill Friday, June 28. 

The state’s capital plan entitled Rebuild Illinois will fund infrastructure and facilities projects for the next six years, and includes appropriations for transportation projects, higher education institutions, state facilities, and environmental conservation

Under “Environment/Conservation” line items, the plan lists funding for projects such as flood mitigation, unsewered communities, dam and waterway projects, Illinois green infrastructure grants, hazardous waste, and the water revolving fund when it comes to water and wastewater funding. The Environment and Conservation section of the plan makes up only 2% of the full plan’s budget.

Rebuild Illinois breaks down these elements with the following budgets:

  • $100 million for unsewered communities;
  • $10 million for the DNR for flood mitigation;
  • $25 million for Illinois Green Infrastructure Grants;
  • $50 million for hazardous waste removal; and 
  • $150 million toward the Anti-Pollution Bond Funds for the Illinois EPA Water Revolving Fund Program. 

According to the Rebuild Illinois plan, the funding primarily will be paid by increased gas and cigarette taxes, as well as revenue from state gambling. The motor fuel tax increased from 19 cents to 38 cents July 1 and the special fuels tax saw a 5-cent increase. 

The majority of funding will go toward transportation infrastructure, according to the plan, as $14 billion was allotted for new roads and bridges, $11 billion set aside for the Illinois Department of Transportation's Multi-Year Plan for roads and bridges, and nearly $8 billion will cover mass transit, passenger rail, ports, and other transportation projects.