Aug 22, 2017

Seward, Neb., Monitors Drinking Water

Unknown system leak could compromise quality of city drinking water

Seward discovers leak in system

The city of Seward, Neb., warned its residents not to consume any city water due to "unknown concentrations" in the water following a leak in the system.

The city website reads: "The City of Seward is actively working on a major water issue. Both water tower systems have run dry due to an unknown leak in the system. We will need to refill both towers with raw water to locate the leak. Do not boil water for consumption including drinking and cooking. You may still shower, flush toilets, and do laundry. Please limit your water use to ensure pressure remains in the system. Make sure that small children are not consuming the water while bathing. We are unsure if the leak is related to the recent flooding issue. We have all City and Emergency personnel working on the issue. Please only call City Hall or 911 Dispatch if you have an emergency. "

Mayor Joshua Eickmeier said crews are working to locate the leak, but because the two water tanks drained so quickly, there's currently no pressure in the system to find it. By filling the system with raw water, it will once again be pressurized and crews can diagnose where it's coming from. Once the leak is found, crews can begin the process of fixing and starting to get drinkable water into the system.