May 23, 2008

Layne Christensen Acquires Wittman Hydro Planning Associates

The water resource consulting and development firm was acquired for $2.5 million

Layne Christensen Co. has acquired Wittman Hydro Planning Associates, a water resource consulting and development firm, for $2.5 million.

Wittman Hydro was founded by hydrologist Jack Wittman and, according to Layne Christensen, has become a national leader in developing new technology for predicting the effects of water consumption on aquifers and streams. Wittman commented that joining Layne Christensen “gives us an opportunity to play a larger role in water resource development, protection and management on a national basis.”

Vic Kelson, manager of technology development at Wittman Hydro, added that “our job with Layne is to change the paradigm. We have become adept at creating solutions to decipher complex emerging problems that typically concern water quality optimization, energy conservation and development of a sustainable water resource.”