Jun 06, 2007

LA Water & Wastewater Experts Partner With Company to Serve Nevada and California

Waterman Industries of Exeter, Calif., is teaming up with companies involved in the construction of major water and wastewater facilities in southern California and southern Nevada, as well as the power, petrochemical and general industrial markets in the two regions.

“This is a groundbreaking partnership,” said Jon Crowley, a third-generation president of Charles P. Crowley Company. “We have served clients for more than 75 years.”

The Crowley Company is a manufacturers’ representative agency that focuses on working with consulting engineers, general contractors and treatment plant operations and maintenance facility personnel. The operation is based in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, just east of downtown Los Angeles. Crowley Company does extensive business in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and the Inland Empire, as well as southern Nevada.

Waterman Industries, located in the San Joaquin Valley, has been building valves and gates that control water and wastewater flow in municipal and agricultural facilities for 95 years.

Rob Pokelwaldt, CEO of Waterman Industries, said the partnership is a major development for his fast-growing company in a highly competitive industry.
“Until now, we didn’t have an agent in Los Angeles,” said Pokelwaldt. “So if a job went out to bid, we would have to wait for a contractor to call us directly or maybe find it on the Internet.”