Feb 23, 2007

Kruger, Inc. to Provide Drying Process to Washington Water District

The Alderwood Water and Wastewater District in Washington state has contracted Kruger, Inc. to supply a BioCon thermal drying process. Kruger will provide the BioCon equipment, engineering support services, start-up and training services for the project. The final contract was signed on January 16, 2007 following a competitive bid and evaluation process conducted by the district and their consulting engineering team consisting of URS, Brown & Caldwell, and TetraTech/KCM. The BioCon process was selected as a result of its low life cycle costs and favorable operational and maintenance aspects.

The BioCon process will produce a Class A product at the Picnic Point WWTF as part of the overall plant upgrade and expansion. The solids handling system will receive un-stabilized waste activated sludge from a membrane bioreactor and include sludge thickening, centrifuge dewatering and the BioCon drying process to produce an end product to be beneficially reused.