Mar 05, 2009

Kruger Forms Task Force For Assistance Seeking Stimulus Funding

KrugerForce is a task force of engineers ready to help meet “shovel ready” and “green solutions” criteria

Kruger Inc., has announced the formation of KrugerForce—a dedicated task force of process, mechanical and electrical engineers prepared to assist municipalities and the consulting engineering community with an offering of technologies and services that meet the requirements of the stimulus package.

According to Brian Frewerd, Kruger’s VP of strategic planning, “We have been contacted by many customers looking for rapid delivery of engineered solutions to help meet their challenges. Having green technologies and the ability to provide rapid responses are of utmost importance at this time.”

KrugerForce will help municipalities and engineers meet “shovel ready” criteria by providing the following:
1. Engineering labor to provide customized “cut and paste” designs and drawings into overall plant plans to meet short application deadlines;
2. Packaged water and wastewater solutions available on site in a matter of weeks; and
3. Access to design-build experts to lead fast-track projects and turnkey installations.

KrugerForce will help municipalities and engineers meet the “green solutions” criteria with technologies focused on renewable energy, energy recovery and water reuse. Some examples of such technologies include:
1. Making fuel from biosolids (BioCon Energy Recovery System);
2. Using solar energy to dry biosolids (SOLIA);
3. Minimizing carbon footprint and generating carbon credits;
4. Advanced control systems for enhanced energy efficiency (I&C); and
5. Producing reclaimed reuse water (Hydrotech Discfilter).