Feb 11, 2010

KPSI Transducer Manufacturing Helps Reduce Downtime for Water Level Measurement Sites

Models now built and ready to ship in two days

Three of Pressure Systems’ most popular KPSI Transducer models are now built and ready to ship in just two days, significantly reducing facility downtime associated with a transducer’s failure. Included in the two-day service are the highly reliable, hydrostatic, submersible KPSI 700, 705 and 750 models, used widely throughout the water and wastewater level measurement industries for applications with conditions from general purpose to harsh and adverse.

Currently, standard industry processes can take a week or more. Through its new, streamlined manufacturing process, Pressure Systems is able to cut KPSI transducer assembly time by more than half, so products will ship within two days after receipt of order. This is a critical factor for a wide range of water and wastewater applications such as level control, pump control, slurry management and lift stations, that need real-time, round-the-clock water level measurement.

To learn more about Pressure Systems, visit http://www.pressuresystems.com/Transducer_selection_guide.htm.