Feb 18, 2022

Kemira Increases Prices of Inorganic Coagulants in Industry & Water Segment, North America, Effective Immediately

Price increase, chemicals and coagulants

Kemira, a global chemical company, announces price increases for inorganic coagulants in Industry & Water segment, North America. Costs for all major raw materials used in the production of inorganic coagulants are continuing to rise, driven by persistent and significant supply / demand imbalance in the North American market. In addition, significant supply disruptions and decreased production output continue to drive increases into 2022.

The price increase on inorganic coagulants will vary by product group and may differ for specific chemistry, plant and shipping locations.

The new pricing is valid immediately or as contracts allow:

Iron Coagulants

  • 20 - 60% increase

Aluminium Coagulants

  • 20 - 60% increase

Kemira is committed as a long-standing reliable supplier of high quality products to Water & Wastewater Treatment Customers, and associated industries. We will continue to work to ensure reliable supply of high quality products for your operations and work to mitigate the cost increases.