JWC Environmental Receives Two U.S. Patents

JWC Environmental has received two U.S. patents (Nos. 7,080,650 and 7,081,171) for its screenings washer technology. The patented technology is incorporated in the Screenings Washer Monster (SWM), which grinds, washes and compacts solids removed from wastewater, in order to aim for cleaner, drier and odor free discharged material.

The SWM includes a dual shafted Muffin Monster grinder that preconditions captured solids by reducing their size to allow the washing system to remove soft organics entrained in trash and rags. Soft organics are washed back into the plant flow where they belong while unwanted debris is compacted and dewatered, then discharged into a dumpster where it is ready for landfill disposal or incineration.

JWC has been recognized several times by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) with four Innovative Technology Awards. The SWM won the award for 2001 and was recognized again this year when WEF gave the award to the Monster Separation System, which pairs SWM with a fine screen for a complete solids removal and processing system.

"We're proud to be an innovator in the wastewater industry," said Ron Duecker, executive vice president of JWC. "The Screenings Washer Monster is a solution that has benefited many wastewater treatment plants and led to a safer and cleaner environment for all of us,"


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