Feb 03, 2011

Jonathan Thatcher Joins Abtech Industries as COO

Thatcher formerly worked for Exeter Life Sciences Inc.

Abtech Holdings Inc. announced the appointment of Jonathan Thatcher, former director and president of Exeter Life Sciences Inc., as the new chief operating officer (COO) of AbTech Industries Inc. As COO, Thatcher will be responsible for AbTech's day-to-day operations, financial planning and management. Additionally, he will support strategic planning and participate in acquisition and growth opportunities to support AbTech's overall business objectives.
"Jonathan brings with him a rich background in environmental technology coupled with the business and financial management expertise needed to support AbTech's continued growth," said AbTech founder and CEO, Glenn R. Rink. "We have reached a critical point in the evolution of our company and we are confident that Jonathan will guide our growth successfully to the next level."
Thatcher served at Exeter Life Sciences Inc. for more than 12 years. During his tenure he served as chairman of Arcadia Biosciences Inc., an innovative plant biotechnology firm focused on nitrogen use efficiency, water use efficiency and salinity tolerance; co-founded Kronos--The Optimal Health Co., focused on preventative healthcare; and served as chairman of ViaGen Inc., an animal biotechnology company focused on commercializing somatic cell nuclear transfer methods. He also held the position of chairman and interim president of Start Licensing Inc., an intellectual property licensing company focused on the out-licensing of patents initiated by Roslin Institute related to cloning Dolly the sheep. While at Exeter, Thatcher also served as a director of One Touch Systems Inc.
"AbTech is at an exciting juncture as storm water treatment is gaining national priority, markets in produced water related to oil and gas exploration and production are emerging and opportunities within the industrial processed water treatment market have been identified," said Thatcher. "With well understood capabilities to treat the contaminated water for reuse or discharge, I look forward to the challenge to bring innovative applications to an expanding base."