Dec 28, 2000

Japanese Filter Now Available in U.S. for First Time on

new Japanese water filter, the Wellness Filter, has been introduced to the
United States, The Wellness Filter. The Japan Ministry of Health (the equivalent
of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has confirmed that regular drinking
and washing with water filtered by the Wellness Filter helps chronic skin
ailments and acne, improves digestion, helps fight gastrointestinal disorders,
enhances assimilation of vitamins and nutrients, improves energy and vitality,
improves dental health and even assists weight loss.

success of the Wellness Filter has lead the Ministry of Health and a group of
Japanese physicians towards an effort to add the filters to all Japanese public
baths and spas, reported

attribute the qualities of the filter to its exotic media.
In addition to containing ultra-high efficiency activated carbon and
filtration sand, which remove traditional contaminants and toxins, the Wellness
Filter contains two rare oxidizing stones and a powerful magnetic media.
The combination of these materials working in synergy is believed to
charge the water in such a way as to positively effect living cells just like
antioxidants in vitamins do.

addition to these benefits, Fowler said the filter also removes a long list of
contaminants from tap water including MTBE, a gasoline additive that has
contaminated water supplies in virtually every U.S. state. However, as important
as it is to remove such pollutants, Fowler said consumers are getting much more
than just clean water.