Aug 30, 2006

Jalisco Government Calls for Wastewater Treatment Plant Bids

Western Mexico's Jalisco state government is now accepting bids on the design, construction, fitting and operating of the Agua Prieta and El Ahogado wastewater plants.

The announcement was made on the website of the state Water and Sewage Commission (CEAS).

The rules for bidding may be purchased from CEAS until October 10, while the deadline for bids is December 11. The contract will be awarded on December 22.

The El Ahogado plant will have the capacity to treat 2.25 cubic meters a second of wastewater, while the Agua Prieta facility will be capable to handling 8.5 cubic meters per second.

According to Businees News Americas, both plants will treat wastewater in the Guadalajara urban area in order to prevent the pollution of the Santiago and Verde rivers.

The plants are expected to cost up to 3 billion pesos (US$276 million). 50 percent of the money will come from the Federal Infrastructure Fund (Finfra) and the federal and state governments, while the other half will be come from the winning bidder.

The winning group will handle operation of the plants for 18 years and will receive payment from the Jalisco government.