Jacobs Receives Contract for Wastewater Treatment Project in King County, Wash.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., announced today that a subsidiary company has received a contract from King County (Wash.) to provide construction management services for the Brightwater Conveyance Project.
The project involves the conveyance system to a marine outfall for a 36 mgd wastewater treatment plant.
Officials did not disclose the contract value. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2006, and the plant is expected to begin operations in 2010.
King County is designing and constructing the new Brightwater regional wastewater treatment plant in response to population growth. The project's conveyance system -- the pipes and pumps that take the wastewater to and from the plant -- consists of approximately 13 miles of bored tunnels from 40 to 440 ft below the surface, a 125 mgd pump station, and all associated piping and ancillary structures.
In making the announcement, Jacobs Group Vice President Allyn Taylor stated, "After working with King County over the last five years on their Henderson project, we are delighted they have selected us as they move forward in the improvement of their wastewater treatment facilities. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them on this important program."


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