Mar 29, 2011

ITT Showcases Water Pressure Solutions at Well Water Expo

Company also will highlight its "Up the Pressure" campaign

ITT Residential and Commercial Water is highlighting Goulds Pumps constant water pressure solutions for residential shower systems at the New England Water Well Assn. (NEWWA) Expo. According to ITT, the featured products enable steady, high-speed water pressure to provide comfort and convenience for homeowners, while helping save energy and water.

ITT Goulds will feature advanced pump products and technologies for improved water pressure in municipal and well water systems. NEWWA show attendees can visit booth #R-15 for product demonstrations.

The featured products will include:

&#149 Goulds Aquavar SOLO, a variable speed pump, optimized for submersible pump well-based systems in residential homes, speeds up or slows down the pump motor to maintain pre-selected water pressure throughout the system. A controller allows for consistent pressure, even as flow requirements vary. The pump continues to run until demand stops;

&#149 Goulds AquaBOOST, a self-diagnostic variable speed pump that enables homeowners with jet pump or municipal-based systems to adjust water pressure to accommodate high demand during peak hours of residential water usage. As water use increases, the controller changes pump speed to maintain pressure. The product is available as a separate controller, or as part of a complete pump package for domestic water lines; and

&#149 Goulds Pumps ProPak Kits, which include a variable speed controller with a water pump and three-phase motor, packed into one carton for easy installation. Each kit features pump/motor combinations sized for high-speed delivery of water to residents. Kits are available with 2-, 3- or 5-hp controllers and motors from 1.5 to 5 hp.

These new products extend ITT Goulds Pump Up the Pressure campaign to educate consumers on the benefits of constant water pressure. The campaign also will be highlighted at ITT’s NEWWA booth, featuring comparison shower stall demonstrations that illustrate the benefits of constant water pressure. “Shower Zombies” will walk the expo floor to provide information to attendees and picket against poor showering experiences due to a lack of pressure.

Goulds Aquavar SOLO and AquaBOOST pumps, and Goulds Pumps ProPak kits are available to consumers through their local Goulds professional dealers.