Dec 07, 2010

ITT Goulds Pumps Raises Awareness of Water Pressure Issues

Company holds events to educate consumers on inconsistent water flow

ITT, a supplier of pumps and systems to transport, treat and control water and other fluids, announced that this holiday season the company has launched an awareness campaign to address the issue of inconsistent water flow in residential homes.

“Inconsistent water pressure is something we can all relate to,” said Monica Levy, ITT spokesperson. “From weak shower streams to not being able to get soap out of your laundry, inconsistent water pressure can plague anyone at anytime. This is why we’ve initiated an awareness campaign on how to solve this frustrating problem. By raising awareness and offering solutions to plumbers, contractors and consumers, we hope to eventually alleviate the water pressure problem.”

Inconsistent water pressure can be attributed to a variety of causes, including faulty pressure regulators, corrosion buildup, leaky pipes or dirty aerators. Regardless of the cause, inconsistent pressure is an issue that plagues many homes, making simple tasks more difficult.

As part of the company’s awareness campaign, it launched consumer-focused ads, a “Pump Up The Pressure” sweepstakes and live demonstration events at shopping malls in the greater Baltimore/Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area. Consumers had the chance to win a $10,000 bathroom makeover and other prizes, get a first-hand look at the results of inconsistent water pressure and talk with Goulds preferred pump professionals and master plumbers about solutions.

Working with its network of ITT Goulds preferred pump professionals, the company offered solutions to homeowners experiencing water pressure issues.

“The holidays are a stressful time for people,” Levy said. “With family and friends coming for visits and homes filled with guests, the problem of inconsistent water pressure will definitely come into play. Our hope is that we can raise awareness enough to help alleviate some of that stress, and provide homeowners with the water pressure they expect.”