Jul 27, 2009

ITT Corp. Meets Stimulus Package "Buy American" Requirements

Company positioned to serve water, wastewater and energy infrastructure markets

As communities across the country prepare to launch major infrastructure projects funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), ITT Corp. has confirmed that it will meet the Act’s Buy American provisions so its U.S. customers can access the company’s technology for water, wastewater and energy management.

“ITT is a global enterprise, and we’re accustomed to being flexible to satisfy the needs of our customers anywhere in the world,” said Colin Sabol, vice president of marketing and business development for ITT’s Fluid and Motion Control group. “We have a solid U.S. presence, and are prepared to meet the economic stimulus bill’s Buy American requirements in a manner that complies with both the ARRA provisions and the interpretation of those provisions by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Furthermore, we recognize that for those seeking stimulus funding, time is of the essence, and we are equipped to do whatever is necessary to expedite their projects.”

Shortly after the ARRA was signed into law in February, ITT added to the company’s website a special section at www.itt.com/now that highlights its readiness to assist with shovel-ready infrastructure projects. The company also published a white paper in March to provide straightforward information and practical advice about the ARRA to consulting engineers, as well as state and local municipal boards.

The white paper was originally based on draft guidance from the EPA and the federal Office of Management and Budget regarding implementation of the ARRA’s Buy American provisions. It has now been updated to reflect final guidance that was issued by the EPA in late June.

Of the $787 billion in federal spending that was authorized by the ARRA, $60 billion has been specifically earmarked to support water, wastewater and energy infrastructure projects involving both traditional and "green” technology. All of these are areas that ITT is positioned to serve.

At facilities throughout the U.S., ITT not only manufactures and assembles, but also conducts testing and research on pumps, valves and other equipment and systems designed to move and treat water and wastewater. Among its brands are Flygt, Bell & Gossett, Goulds Pumps, Flowtronex, Leopold, WEDECO and Sanitaire.

These brands have a wide range of applications in the very facilities that the ARRA was designed to improve and upgrade, including office buildings, schools, libraries, heating plants, pumping stations and wastewater treatment centers.

“With our broad offering of solutions, ITT is eager to be a full-fledged partner on these vital infrastructure projects that will play a key role in our nation’s economic recovery,” said Sabol.