Itron to Provide U.S. Navy with Energy Management Solutions

Navy’s Use of Itron’s Enterprise Energy Management Software Tools Will Support Compliance with Energy Efficiency Requirements Set Forth in National Energy Policy Act of 2005

Itron Inc. announced an agreement to provide the U.S. Department of the Navy with metering technology and enterprise energy management software to support more efficient management of the Navy’s energy resources at its bases in the U.S. and throughout the world.
With these tools in place, U.S. Navy facility and operations managers will gain timely and detailed visibility into energy usage and billing data for facilities and bases throughout the world. This will enable the Navy to identify specific areas to target for energy efficiency improvement, ensure utility billing accuracy, enhance the effectiveness of energy management assets already in place and optimize procurement of energy from both retail sources and on-site generation assets.
Like other federal facilities, the U.S. Navy faces new, more stringent requirements for energy efficiency, the most recent of those set forth in Sections 101-107 and 109 of Energy Policy Act of 2005, which include requirements for federal facilities to re-invigorate energy reduction to achieve an overall 20% reduction in energy consumption by 2015 compared to a 2003 baseline.
In developing its strategy for achieving greater energy efficiency, the U.S. Navy asked Itron to deliver a cost-effective, standardized tool for real-time energy management that will capture, manage, analyze and present all the meter and energy billing data the Navy collects throughout its facilities and operations worldwide. The Department of the Navy functions not only as a large consumer of energy, but also operates as its own utility for many of its bases around the world. As a provider in metering technology and energy management software to both the global utility industry and to large commercial and industrial energy users, Itron is well positioned to address the U.S. Navy’s needs.
“We are very pleased to see our energy management software solutions roll out across the globe to help the U.S. Department of the Navy meet its energy-related directives,” said Philip Mezey, senior vice president for Itron’s software solutions. “With these energy management systems in place, the Navy will have the visibility and the tools to drive cost reductions, increase energy accountability and help ensure an efficient, reliable energy supply in support of U.S. Naval operations.”


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