Jun 03, 2008

ITA Introduces New Instrument Specification Database Features

Database features a new design layout

ITA's instrument database provides a comprehensive platform for searching and comparing the various manufactured instrument specifications used in water and wastewater treatment applications. ITA has created a new design layout for the main screen of the instrument database to improve the selection process and to assist end users in finding the right instrument for their application.

ITA has now divided the main page into eight separate sections:
• Analytical Instruments
• Recorders and Samplers
• Physical Measurement – Level
• Physical Measurement – Meters and Monitors
• Liquid flow Meters
• Gas Flow Meters
• Automation Hardware
• Automation Software

Under each section is a pull-down menu that gives specific instrument types or categories.

ITA has also has identified additional instrument categories, such as:

• Level – hydrostatic pressure, laser, rotary, acoustic wave
• Meters / Monitors – viscosity, density, moisture, UV transmission
• Gas flow – sonic nozzle

ITA has also identified an additional 150-plus instrument manufacturers and counting. They are currently gathering instrumentation specification data from these manufacturers to update the instrumentation specification database. ITA’s short-term focus is adding instruments, recorders, and samplers to the current database, which has over 200 instruments. In the future, additions to the automation sections will be made by ITA.