Apr 09, 2009

IPEX Launches Bionax PVCO Pressure Pipe

New production process modifies PVC to form a stronger material

IPEX has announced the launch of Bionax PVCO Pressure Pipe.

Using a new production process, PVC is molecularly modified under precisely controlled stress and temperature conditions to form a new material--biaxially oriented PVC, or PVCO. This process transforms PVC into a material with almost double the tensile strength and three times the toughness of the starting stock. In addition, this new material exhibits dramatically increased fatigue resistance and ductility.

Bionax PVCO pipe is suitable for buried potable water mains, irrigation applications and sewage forcemains.

This new pipe technology also represents a major step forward in terms of environmental sustainability. According to independent studies, Bionax pipe has less “embodied energy,” and therefore a smaller carbon footprint, than other common piping materials. Once installed, its larger inside diameters and smooth surface reduce the energy and costs associated with pumping.

Richard St-Aubin, IPEX’s director of business development, commented, “With major investments required to rehabilitate our infrastructure, this is the perfect time to launch an improved pipe that incorporates the latest advances in extrusion technology. This high-performance, environmentally friendly product will be a key component in upgrading our water and sewer systems.”