Oct 16, 2007

IPEC Outfits Membrane Wastewater Clarification Plant

IPEC Consultants, Ltd. has designed and manufactured wastewater equipment since 1979 and will display its latest addition to the internally fed rotary drum series of solid/liquid separation devices in the exhibit hall. The IFM screen series, designed to remove more inorganic materials, makes for smaller footprints and higher throughput. The series aims to reduce operator interaction, equaling less stress on plant personnel and operating budgets.

Recently an IFM technology was selected to protect one North America's largest membrane wastewater clarification plants. The IFM 72160, rated for a design flow rate of 11,500 gpm, helped a new membrane plant in London, Ontario, meet its protection goals.

Other factors considered during the selection process included the reduction of vibration velocity by providing heavy-duty mechanical equipment designed for continuous operation; the removal of almost all hair-like fibrous material without affecting the ability of the screen to function continuously to the specified performance; a clean-in-place spray wash system; and a locally mounted control panel with QuickPanel touch screen, designed to interface with the existing plant SCADA system.

The Canadian membrane plant, scheduled to begin operation in early 2008, is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants to use the membrane clarification process for treating municipal effluent.

The IFM series internally fed rotary screens is designed for the high flow rates and low solids content of municipal sewage. The influent enters an engineered headbox, where the flow energy is dissipated and evenly distributed onto the drum's interior sidewalls. Solids are retained on the screen surface, and the liquid flows radially through the screen openings. Splash guards direct liquid filtrate to a central drainage area while solids are transported axially, by flights, to the open end of the drum. The drum's rotations allow a fixed, external spray bar fitted with a bank of spray nozzles to continuously or intermittently wash the entire screening surface.

"It is our pleasure to be returning to exhibit at the WEFTEC show. The attendees will learn valuable insights on how IPEC is assisting to provide cost-effective wastewater solutions. IPEC prides itself on its ability to deliver quality wastewater equipment in a timely fashion to the municipal and industrial markets," said IPEC Sales Manager Mike Malec.

For more information, visit booth No. 6443 or www.ipec.ca.