Invensys Metering Systems and NexusData Announce Exclusive Agreement

Invensys Metering Systems and NexusData reached an agreement in which Invensys will be the exclusive provider of the NexusData radio-based AMR wireless fixed network soution for the global water utility market. The agreement provides a solution for Invensys customers interested in a fixed-base AMR system. It also provides a migration path for existing customers that currently are using the Invensys RadioRead walk-by/drive-by system.

Invensys will market and sell the NexusData AMR fixed network system to customers looking towards a fixed network solution for all sizes of water meters that Invensys provides. NexuxData will develop their RF transmitters for use with both nonpit and pit-set meter installations that will be compatible with their current fixed wireless network solution.

NexuxData was selected by a number of utilities in the gas utility market place, where the technology is being widely accepted as a cost-effective AMR fixed network solution. The technology used by NexusData is very similar to the Invensys RadioRead system and is a migration path into Invensys Metering Systems strategy to coming the leading meter and AMR product supplier for all utility markets.

"Working with NexusData enables us to offer our customers a wide array of system solutions more quickly with a technology that complements our existing walk-by and drive-by RadioRead system," said Doug Neely, vice president of Invensys Metering Systems N.A. Water.

Based on the product development schedule, Invensys will begin to market and sell the NexusData fixed network solution for nonpit meter applications immediately with product availability expected by early 2003 and the pit-set product is anticipated by mid-2003.

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