Jun 30, 2011

Intl. Ozone Assn. Elects New President

Jeff Neemann of Black and Veatch will begin his two-year term in January 2012

The general assembly of the Intl. Ozone Assn. (IOA) elected Jeff Neemann, assistant director of water treatment technology for Black and Veatch, as the organization’s next president at its World Congress in Paris, France, in late May.

Neemann, who currently serves as IOA Intl. treasurer, will begin his two-year term as president in January 2012. Neemann will share goals for his term in a ceremony at the North American Conference on Ozone, Ultraviolet and Advanced Oxidation Technologies in Toronto.

The IOA is a not-for-profit educational association that performs its information-sharing functions through sponsorship of international symposia, seminars, publications and the development of personal relationships among ozone specialists throughout the world.