Intermountain CHP Center to Feature Methane Energy and Heat Generation at Workshop

The Intermountain Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Center is hosting a workshop, “CHP and Bioenergy for Landfills and Wastewater Treatment Plants” in Salt Lake City, Aug. 11, 2005. The workshop will educate municipal/special district, water/wastewater and landfill employees on how to generate renewable energy and heat from methane, a by-product at wastewater treatment plants and landfills.
The workshop will feature:
-A step-by-step guide to designing and operating successful projects;
-Issues for small-to-medium plants/landfills and landfills located in low precipitation areas to consider;
-Discussions on equipment options, fuel clean up and conditioning, regulatory issues and financial incentives; and
-Benefits of renewable energy and heat generation.
Intermountain CHP Center, Intermountain CHP Initiative, Chevron Energy Solutions, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency CHP Partnership, Questar Gas, Smith Detroit Diesel Allison, and RealEnergy sponsor the workshop.
This instructive workshop is free for landfill, wastewater treatment plant, and municipal or special district employees; a $100 fee is required for all non-industry members. For more information visit or contact Christine Hurley Brinker by phone at 303.984.5630 or via e-mail at [email protected].

Intermountain Combined Heat and Power Center

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