Dec 28, 2000

Intergraph Donates Software For BYU Storm Drainage Design and Analysis

Intergraph Corporation and Brigham Young University (BYU) have signed a
memorandum of understanding to jointly pursue the interaction of Intergraph's
Civil SelectCAD civil engineering technology with BYU's Watershed Modeling
System (WMS) software.
Intergraph is donating five licenses of Civil Workgroup software to BYU's
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Environmental Modeling
& Research Lab (EMRL). The donation will allow EMRL to develop data
integration functionality between WMS and Civil SelectCAD while also providing
BYU's civil engineering students the opportunity to gain practical experience
using industry-accepted software.
Intergraph's Civil SelectCAD technology provides a Microsoft
Windows-compliant application on the user's choice of computer aided drafting
(CAD) platforms. The software consists of InRoads SelectCAD for road design,
Bridge SelectCAD for 3D layout of bridge geometry, Storm & Sanitary
SelectCAD for storm and sewer modeling and analysis and Survey SelectCAD for
field survey data collection and reduction.
WMS is widely accepted as the standard for large watershed analysis by many
agencies, such as the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers, and many state departments of transportation. WMS is developed by
EMRL in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment
Station (USACE-WES). WMS merges information obtained from terrain models and
geographic information systems with industry-standard lumped parameter
hydrologic analysis models such as HEC-1 and TR-20. WMS is solely distributed
and supported by EMS-I, a software and services company based in Provo, Utah.
E. James Nelson, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at BYU, said,
"We are very impressed with Civil SelectCAD as a technology which is
Windows-compliant and supports multiple CAD platforms. ERML embraces Civil
SelectCAD as a means of providing the WMS community a more direct mechanism to
the CAD environment."
"This agreement demonstrates how industry and academia can mutually
benefit from working together more closely," said Hank Di Pietro,
vice-president of government, transportation and civil engineering solutions at
Intergraph. "Civil SelectCAD and WMS will provide the civil engineering
community the broadest storm drainage design software tools in the market