Dec 28, 2000

Integrated Water Technologies, Inc. Announces Name Change, Creation of New Subsidiaries

The company formerly known as Integrated Water Technologies, Inc. now has a new
corporate name: Integrated Water Resources, Inc. With headquarters in Santa
Barbara, California, the corporation has formed two new subsidiaries --
Integrated Water Consulting, Inc. and Integrated Water Technologies, Inc. -- to
conduct its consulting and technology-based operations.

"We feel this new corporate name better encompasses the company's core
businesses of water resource development, marketing and management, as well as
our hydrogeological applications and services," said John Huston, the
company's President and CEO.

Integrated Water Resources, Inc. specializes in the application of integrated,
advanced technologies for groundwater exploration, treatment, management and
protection, and in the acquisition, development, marketing, and management of
water resource assets.

SOURCE Integrated Water Resources, Inc.