May 03, 2012

In-Situ Inc. Announces New OEM Agreement With Onset

RDO technology integral to new Hobo data logger

In-Situ Inc, a provider of water monitoring technology, announced its latest OEM partnership with Onset Computer Corporation for their use of RDO (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen) sensor technology. Touted for its accuracy, performance and low-maintenance requirements, RDO technology is ideal for environmental water monitoring. Onset joins more than a dozen other global companies who have adopted In-Situ Inc’s RDO technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in a wide variety of applications.

“Our RDO technology provides our partners with higher quality data and more robust performance at a significantly lower cost than currently available optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors,” said Bob Blythe, CEO and president of In-Situ Inc. ”This superior optical DO technology will essentially render the membrane-based Clark cell electrode obsolete.”

Building on In-Situ Inc.’s experience in optical DO technology, the RDO Basic Sensor features a smart sensor cap that decreases setup time and eliminates programming errors. This sensor can be used in numerous natural water applications.

‘RDO technology’s benefits lower the cost of DO measurements, simplify deployment and maintenance, and eliminate special storage or conditioning requirements.

The In-Situ RDO sensor and sensing foil are manufactured entirely by In-Situ Inc. OEM, and direct purchase opportunities are now available for the In-Situ RDO technology.