Apr 09, 2002

New Flow Fitting, Low Flow Sensor Designed to Handle High Viscosity Fluids

High Tech Focus

Users needing to measure the flow of specialty chemicals, food additives, adhesives and other viscous fluids will find an ideal solution in two new positive displacement flow fitting/sensors now available from Burkert.

Both the positive displacement Flow Fitting Type S070 and
the positive displacement Low Flow Sensor Type 8071 are specially designed for
closed pipe systems to control fluids such as honey or oil with a maximum
viscosity of 1,000 centipoise. Applications with erratic flow rates (e.g., after
a dosing pump) can be accurately controlled as well. With high accuracy and
combined measuring capabilities from 0.5 gallons/hour up to 180 gallons/minute,
the flow fitting—with its “Turn & Lock” connection to a
wide range of electronics—and the flow sensor can easily be linked to
valves and batch/flow controllers via Burkert’s EasyLINK technology.

Type S070 Flow Fitting

Burkert Type S070 is an oval gear positive displacement flow
fitting designed to connect easily to a number of Hall or reed switch sensors
via a simple quarter-turn technique. With process connections of 1/2-in.
to 3 in. (G or NPT) and up to 2 in. ANSI (flanged) this fitting is well suited
to blending, batching, mixing and dispensing in the chemical, pharmaceutical,
water treatment and food industries.

Its operation is based on the positive displacement
principle, in which two oval shaped rotors with precisely machined gear teeth
rotate within a measurement chamber of specified geometry. As they turn they
sweep out and trap a precise volume of fluid between the outer oval shape of
the gears and the inner chamber walls. The result is extremely high accuracy
(better than ±0.5% of reading) and excellent repeatability in the
measurement of flow rates from 0.26gpm to 180gpm.

The type S070 is available with 316 stainless steel rotors
and shaft in a stainless steel body, or with PPS rotors and stainless steel
shaft in an aluminum body. In addition, a limited number of orifice sizes are
available with PPS body and rotor with Hastalloy C shaft. It operates in
process temperatures as high as 212°F (stainless steel body) and
176°F (aluminum or PPS body).

Quick-mounting, Wireless Sensor Interface

Burkert’s simple “Turn & Lock”
technique allows easy change-out of sensors, switches and controllers to Type
S070 without disruption of process flow. The choice of flow control system
solutions for Type S070 includes Burkert Type SE30 Hall Flow Sensor, Type SE32
Programmable ON/OFF Flow Switch with integral display and transmitter, Type
SE10 reed switch output, and the Type SE35 Programmable Batch Controller or
Flow Transmitter.

These interchangeable electronic modules lock into a
wireless, inline fitting on Type S070 by a quick quarter-turn. The sensor
element in the fitting is completely isolated from the process flow,
eliminating downtime. Available in more than 25 different variations, the
compact electronic modules are ideal for flow balancing and point monitoring in
any type of control system. Modules are carefully matched to the Type S070
fitting to ensure long service life and exceptional performance in most
operating conditions.

Type 8071 Low Flow Sensor

The positive displacement Low-Flow Sensor Type 8071
incorporates a non-intrusive Hall-effect sensor and only two moving parts,
making it easy to install and maintain.

Threaded process connections of 1/4-in. (G or NPT)
make Type 8071 a suitable choice for small capacity, low-to-medium flow
applications. Flow rates from 0.5gph to 132gph can be measured with accuracy to
±1% of reading. This flow sensor features 316 stainless steel rotors and
shaft in a stainless steel body, and is also available with PPS body and rotor
with Hastalloy C shaft. It operates in process temperatures to 212°F
(stainless steel body) and 176°F (PPS body).

Type 8071 Low Flow Sensor can be easily connected to Burkert
Type 8025 or flow controller/batch controller Type 8025 (panel or wall mount)
with Burkert’s EasyLINK technology for lower commissioning costs.

About the author

Burkert is an operating unit of Burkert GmbH, a company active in fluid control systems, with offices or manufacturing facilities in more than 50 countries. Burkert offers a wide range of control capabilities and “smart” devices, including built-in proportional controllers, AS-i and Fieldbus connections, internal and external setpoints and analog outputs. For further information, phone Burkert-USA at 949-223-3100.