May 01, 2013

Instrumentation Offers Easy & Efficient Process Monitoring

YSI introduced its new digital based IQ Sensor Net 2020 XT.  The 2020 XT is a modular solution for online water quality instrumentation designed for monitoring and control of wastewater treatment.

This online instrument is a digital multiparameter system designed for the measurement of DO (optical and amperometric), pH, ORP, turbidity, conductivity, TSS, NH4+, NO3-, NO2-, K+, CL-, PO4-, COD, BOD, TOC, SAC, sludge level and temperature. Up to 20 measurements can be connected on each network with the ability to extend the network at any time by the end-user. The ability to add modules, or sensors, provides a very powerful online monitoring and control system customizable as the utility grows.

Simple plug and play connections provide an easy method to replace, or add, sensors and modules. Each digital sensor is capable of storing calibration data and being used along various length cables along the network. Additionally, multiple output channels (mA, relays) per instrument are possible, up to 48 outputs per network.

The YSI IQ Sensor Net 2020 XT allows for easy integration of existing third party instruments with mA inputs, allows for wireless transmission, provides digital outputs (Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet) and includes a datalogger that stores up to 525,600 points. The centralized power supply and communications are distributed in one cable – no need to run multiple cables.

UV and solids sensors include UltraClean technology which is an innovative ultrasonic cleaning system to keep the optics free of fouling and provide unsurpassed data quality.

The YSI IQ Sensor Net 2020 XT is designed for easy, efficient, continuous process monitoring.

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